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China National Space Administration ExPace Orbex Avanti Communications Thales Alenia Space Satmex Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission Blue Origin Colombian Space Commission Moscow Institute of Thermal Technology XTAR LLC TUBITAK Space Technologies Research Institute Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency Interorbital Systems Hawker Siddeley Dynamics Space Florida Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd Snecma China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation Bulgarian Space Agency Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace European Space Research Organisation United Space Alliance Reaction Engines Ltd. German Aerospace Center Relativity Space Amsat Lithuanian Space Association Canadian Space Agency Asia Pacific Multilateral Cooperation in Space Technology and Applications Space Research Centre LandSpace Committee on Space Research China Rocket Co. Ltd. Aevum Arab Satellite Communications Organization SPAR Aerospace Mexican Space Agency National Space Agency (KazCosmos) United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs Production Corporation Polyot Hughes Deep Space Industries Sea Launch Bolivarian Agency for Space Activities Mexican Satellite System UK Space Agency Sri Lanka Space Agency Army Ballistic Missile Agency PT Telkom China Great Wall Industry Corporation Scorpius Space Launch Company ProtoStar Soviet Space Program Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation ISC Kosmotras United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space Globalstar ABL Space Systems Strategic Rocket Forces Vought Inmarsat TiSPACE Philco Ford Lockheed Martin Rocket Factory Augsburg Ministry of Space Industry United States Departement of Defense Yuzhnoye Design Bureau EXOS Aerospace National Research Council iSpace Institute of Space and Astronautical Science Ad Astra Rocket Company Fairchild Space and Electronics Division Makeyev Rocket Design Bureau Starsem SA Department of Aerospace Science and Technology Astrium Satellites Hughes Aircraft Romanian Space Agency Magellan Aerospace Corporation Malaysian National Space Agency North American Aviation General Dynamics Eutelsat Broadcasting Satellite System Corporation European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites Bolivian Space Agency Planetary Resources Rocketdyne South African National Space Agency European Union Agency for the Space Programme Austrian Space Agency Interstellar Technologies McDonnell Douglas Aérospatiale Korean Astronaut Program SES XCOR Aerospace Türksat OneSpace Bristol Aerospace Company Land Launch Korea Aerospace Research Institute Space Services Inc. Institute for Space Applications and Remote Sensing Galactic Energy Andrews Space National Aeronautics and Space Administration FCT Space Office Royal Centre for Remote Sensing Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group Azerbaijan National Aerospace Agency National Space Organization A.M. Makarov Yuzhny Machine-Building Plant Antrix Corporation Limited European Launcher Development Organisation Astra Space DirecTV Polish Space Agency Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation People's Liberation Army Robotics Institute PlanetSpace Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems Swiss Space Office Echostar Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic - Space Technologies and Satellite Systems Department Swedish Space Corp Netherlands Institute for Space Research US Army Space Research and Remote Sensing Organization Korean Committee of Space Technology British Aerospace Northrop Grumman Space Technology Israeli Space Agency UK Ministry Of Defence Eurockot Launch Services Russian Aerospace Defence Forces Space Research Institute of Saudi Arabia Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center Alliant Techsystems US Navy Vector Thaicom European Space Agency National Security Agency National Center of Space Research National Reconnaissance Office Hungarian Space Office Avio S.p.A China Aerospace Corporation Seventh Ministry of Machine Building Industry Martin Marietta Optus RKK Energiya WildBlue SpaceX Turkmenistan National Space Agency Skyrora SpaceQuest, Ltd. Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. Hisdesat Sierra Nevada Corporation National Commission for Aerospace Research and Development Spire Global Progress Rocket Space Center Canadian Arrow Asia-Pacific Regional Space Agency Forum National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Brazilian Space Agency United States Space Force MEASAT Satellite Systems TRW Kazakh Space Research Institute Regional African Satellite Communication Organization Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Aerospace Force Rocket Lab Ltd RUAG Space Royal Aircraft Establishment Hindustan Aeronautics Limited Sandia National Laboratories British Satellite Broadcasting ArianeGroup Uzbek State Space Research Agency (UzbekCosmos) Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization NPO Lavochkin China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation OHB System National Space Agency of Ukraine Danish National Space Center Space Systems/Loral INVAP Bigelow Aerospace HispaSat Ministry of Aerospace Industry Telesat SpaceDev United Launch Alliance Northrop Grumman Space Systems Missile Defense Agency KB Mashinostroyeniya Firefly Aerospace Rockwell International Royal Australian Air Force Centre for Remote Imaging, Sensing and Processing Technical University of Denmark - National Space Institute AlYahSat Digital Globe Airbus Defence and Space National Space Research and Development Agency Lockheed Space Operations Company JSC Information Satellite Systems National Remote Sensing Center of Tunisia Norwegian Space Centre Iranian Space Agency Aerojet Aeronautics and Space Research and Diffusion Center Weapons Research Establishment Unknown Belarus Space Agency Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre Lockheed Martin Space Operations Copenhagen Suborbitals Orbital Sciences Corporation Paradigm Secure Communications Space Adventures Russian Federal Space Agency (ROSCOSMOS) CAS Space Virgin Orbit Croatian Space Agency General Electric Orbital ATK Mitsubishi Heavy Industries EADS Astrium Space Transportation Société d'étude et de réalisation d'engins balistiques Scaled Composites National Institute of Aeronautics and Space Gilmour Space Technologies Russian Space Forces Direction générale de l'armement Iridium Communications GK Launch Services Swedish National Space Board United States Air Force American Rocket Company Intelsat Axiom Space Star One National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences National Commission for Space Research Spaceflight Launch Services No. 5 Research Academy Fokker Space & Systems Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency Chrysler Astronautic Technology Sdn Bhd Italian Space Agency IHI Corporation Boeing Virgin Galactic Armadillo Aerospace Arianespace Science and Engineering Research Council 1worldspace Planet Labs Comisión Nacional de Actividades Espaciales UP Aerospace Tethers Unlimited, Inc. Energia Masten Space Systems Indian Space Research Organization Southern Launch Turkish Aerospace Industries National Space Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan Swales Aerospace Convair Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy Algerian Space Agency GeoOptics Instituto Nacional de Técnica Aeroespacial National Space Activities Commission Equatorial Launch Australia PanAmSat National Space Development Agency of Japan National Remote Sensing Center of Mongolia SKY Perfect JSAT Group French Armed Forces Israel Aerospace Industries International Launch Services


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